Traditional schooling focus on grades and degrees.

Connective Inc. Internships focus on skill planning and passion.


No lectures or exams. 100% in-person, hands-on learning. Custom fit mentoring our mentees get paired with Mentors that are working in our mentees passion. This allows both parties to facilitate a bond from the very beginning. When both parties our operating in their passion it allows for authentic bond and higher retention


Skills and training endorsed by mentors working in the same fields our interns our passionate about. While connective also empowers mentees to be able to work directly in their passion with regards to the required community service work they must complete. We offer a variety of opportunities for mentees to learn on the job while apart of the Connective family.

Custom Fit Mentoring

Hands-on 1-on-1 monthly shadowing mentee/mentor meet ups, so that both parties can truly empower each other through the experience. This is what we feel creates the most change with regards to how a student views themselves in relation to how achievable their dreams are.  

Connective workshops create a learning environment which utilizes peer-to-peer education as much as top-to-bottom instruction.

It is imperative for students to use their own language because it is important for students to gather and implement information the best way for themselves. That is what we’re creating. An environment where students can evolve gracefully, authentically & definitely.

Workshop leaders provide the environment, expertise, and tools so that each workshop nurtures and celebrates the student-driven experience, which encourages them to use their own learn language.

The more we workshopped, the more we realized how important environment was.

This realization had a dramatic effect on the way we viewed the roles in the classroom, roles as teachers, the school signage, and the set-up of school buildings.

As educators, coaches, parents, mentors, and life-long learners, we know that none of us know what the world will look like in five years, let alone ten, so a major component of Connective workshops is real-time adaptability.

As the great Boxer Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

We’re a team of educators & coaches who believe in & have seen the power of our student-driven workshops.


We are all about inspired education!



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