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MLK Day - Word Mini-Saga Challenge - Win $100

Challenge ends Monday, January 25th @ 12 am

Below you'll see links to four videos. The goal of your mini-saga is to break down the video you choose. Each video contains ideas and concepts we have decided are valuable for you to examine. This assignment offers a $100 reward to 3 students who submit the most well thought out, and creative 50-word mini-saga in response to the video they choose. 

List any core messages or central points you see in the images and details of the video. Draw any correlations you see between the video you choose and your own life experiences. Remember that these sagas are only 50 words so you must be concise.

Directions for this challenge:  

1. Choose 1 of the 4 videos below. 

2. Once you've watched your video, create a 50 word written mini-saga

3. Create a 60 seconds video to unpack/decode what you wrote

3. Submit your video mini saga's by email to OR tag us in a post on Instagram

Video List to choose from: 

1.  Tobe Nwigwe - Eat

2. Teach Us All Documentary

3. Changing Education Paradigms Educational Video

4. The Black Panther Party on Healthcare

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