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We are educators providing an authentic experience that activates our students. Our Culture Clinics   incorporate a specific lesson and message tailored to the student's interests. Clinic topics include, but are not limited to, community, social justice, service, family, and career projects. Students are encouraged to share their new insights and lessons with their communities and peers. All clinics are available on-site or remotely. Check out a list of our upcoming Culture Clinics or contact us if you would like to speak and/or volunteer at our next engagement.




Our Culture Clinics   are broken down into three major parts;



Strengthen students’ ability
to focus on the right
objectives to enable


Simulate those moments that
matter to help build students’
ability to be successful even
with failures and adversity


Build students’ ability to be
resilient in the face of

These 3-Pillars determine the trajectory of success for our youth. If they are able to master these pillars they operate in their passion at a higher level.


Culture Clinic   topics include, Self Development, Ownership and Accountability, Social Justice Reform and Sports and Fitness. Clinic move students in a frequency that yields higher message-retention and interpersonal bonds because the subject matter is centered around the individual and their goals. We ultimately identify how a student operates and build a framework within their passion.


Our goal through our Culture Clinics    is to empower every young individual we come into contact with. We allow them to not only identify for themselves, but to now be able to share that same shift of perspective with their peers.


After each clinic students are offered our two-tiered accountability module where our clinic educator and student hold each other accountable for taking the knowledge they learned and applying it to their peers in order to jointly cultivate a culture of success and education



Culture Clinic Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Interested in attending or hosting of our Culture Clinics   ? Fill out our Registration form. 

1. Virtual Clinic: Attend or Host one of our Virtual Culture Clinic. Topics include, Self Development, Ownership and Accountability, Social Justice Reform and Sports and Fitness, Art, Design, Healthy Cooking + More!!

2. 1:1 Wellness Session: During these unforeseeable times, we want to make sure we are available to talk with you any day of the week. Request a time to talk with one of our coaches, and we will make sure we are there for you. 

3. Clinic Challenge: Keep active no matter where you are! We will be hosting challenges to keep you active physically and mentally.  

Culture Clinic Registration